Student with "My House" Music Book

“My House” Music Book

The “My House” interactive music therapy songbook was a dream finally realized in 2010. The first few books made their way into a program called The Starfish Project which was an inclusive music and arts program in the Clawson Public Schools. Lisa wanted to find a vehicle that would bring students with autism together with their peers in general education. The “My House” book provided a missing link to build friendship and camaraderie in a non-threatening way. All of the children enjoyed submitting photos to create their stories about where they lived, who they lived with and the special things and people that were important in their lives. The books made their debut at a program called Arts Alive and were displayed at a family concert featuring the Swingset Mamas. The students were very proud of their creations and took great pride in sharing them with family and friends.

As more interest developed regarding the “My House” book, Lisa decided to take the book to the next level and hired graphic designer John Boissy to help re-design the book. The book is now copyrighted and contains a professionally recorded CD that was arranged by David Appelman. Lisa wrote the song in 2010 and the CD was recorded by Ed Sertage in his studio in Ferndale, Michigan in May of 2011. Lisa is accompanied by Stephen Scapelliti on guitar, David Appelman on flute and Brandon Moses on the bass.

The “My House” book sounds amazing... how do I get one for my child?

There are two ways to order the “My House” book. For a custom order, the book will be assembled for you after you send in your photos along with your word choices. When you select custom order you will be able to download the directions for choosing words and there will be an order form for you to fill out. The address and instructions for mailing the photos will be on the order form. Once the order is placed and the photos are received you should have your book within ten days.

You can also download the entire book and make it yourself. When you select DIY you will be able to download the entire book complete with directions and a detailed list of the materials that you will need to assemble it. You will be downloading a PDF file that is 69 pages long. The first two pages of the PDF contain directions. The very last page of the PDF is the Word Menu. It is suggested that you print out the PDF on letter size 8 ½”x11” white card stock. The entire file is 69 pages long so you will need 68 pages of white cardstock to print it out. It is suggested that the Menu Board located on page 68 should be printed out on yellow card stock so when you load your paper you should make sure that you include one sheet of yellow cardstock for page 68. This is a one time download.

You will also need the “My House” music file to go along with the book. The MP3 can be downloaded for $1.00 at

A personalized “My House” Music Book includes the following...

  • Durable, white 1" binder
  • Song pages with lyrics
  • Plastic sleeves for song pages
  • “My House” Audio CD with 1 music track
  • Laminated Word Menu with Velcro© tabs
  • Personalized, cut-out words and letters template pages
  • Inside, cover pockets to hold extra words or photos
My House Music Book with lable sheet and Music CD.

Custom Order Book - $36.00

Do-It-Yourself Book - $12.95